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and killed an mit police officer in the head and then tried to rob a 7-eleven. pete williams reports they later car-jacked a suv near the mit campus and keeping the car's owner at gun point and releasing the person unharmed later. >> police followed that car to watertown as is in lockdown right now. the suspects at that point threw explosive devices from their car. at some point during the standoff, they had at least one pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the marathon bombing. one suspect killed in the shoot-out. the one in the black hat. he reportedly then was run over and when police approached his body, they discovered an ied strapped to his chest. witnesses reporting hearing explosions, massive gun battle between the suspects and police. here is what adam kitzenberg told us not long ago. >> i went to the window and right outside of our apartment, there were two shooters in between a sedan and a black mercedes-benz suv. and they were in between these two cars taking cover behind the black suv, shooting down our street which is laurel street and they were shooting wes
's justice correspondent pete williams who has the latest on the suspects and the investigation. pete, good morning again to you. >> reporter: good morning, savann savannah. we've been told the names of these told. we're told that they're brothers. they've been in the united states for at least a year. one of them was living in the cambridge area. we're told that the man with the white hat, the one on the left, the one who is still at large, the one who is the reason for all of this police activity and this extraordinary lockdown in boston and the suburbs is 19 year old tsarnaev. he has a massachusetts driver's license. is a resident of cambridge. we don't know the first name of his brother. they obviously came here many months ago, at least a year ago. the other thing is it bears repeating, savannah, that all this started thursday night not because the fbi was moving into arrest them. there was no tactical operation planned. five hours after the fbi showed their pictures. they were not about to arrest them. five hours after the pictures became public, they apparently decided to make a run
of m.i.t. i want to bring in now nbc news justice correspondent pete williams, who's been in touch with his law enforcement sources on this story all night. pete, what can you tell us? >> well, i guess there's several things we're trying to nail down. i guess the big question here now is who are they? we've heard from a couple of officials that they don't have a positive identification on them, but they've been tentatively identified. they believe, at least it's the initial assessment of the two law enforcement people i've talked to, that they came to the u.s. about a year ago. we don't know precisely from where. they may have some -- a bit of military experience overseas, which could possibly explain their facility with explosives. and that is our operating assumption right now. it appears that this all started when they tried to rob a 7-eleven tonight. a policeman responded. they killed the policeman. that set off all this whole chain of events to the carjacking, to the point that one of them stopped the car in watertown, massachusetts. the other got out with an improvised bomb s
. i want to bring now in nbc's justice correspondent pete williams live in washington now. >> reporter: well a couple of things. number one, we have heard that one police officer was killed earlier tonight. and now, we hear there may have been a second police officer killed. we have one report about that. as for the two people who were arrested tonight -- or the two, let's use the suspects related to this incident here, we know that one is in custody, and we believe now that we have had at least one report that the other, authorities up there, may be dead. i think they're trying to confirm that now. they don't know for sure. and that's one of the reasons you earlier saw that report that they wanted people to stay in their homes and lock their doors. another possibility is they're looking for a third suspect. i think that, as more little bit of information come in here, the scale is tipping more and more in the direction of that these arrests are -- or this action tonight is related to the boston bombings. and we're just waiting to get some confirmation here. just a growing sense here t
an attack in new york's times square. justice correspondent pete williams has more for us. >> reporter: investigators say they've been told that while the bombing suspects were fleeing from boston in an suv they carjacked last thursday night they came up with the idea of driving to new york, taking along a half dozen bombs they had with them. >> in the car they made a decision to go to new york with the remaining explosive devices that they had and to detonate it -- detonate one or more in times square. >> reporter: police say one of the men, dzhokhar tsarnaev, had visited times square at least once last year. whatever plans they had came to nothing thursday night when police caught up with them in watertown. this photo shows that suv after the shootout with police. now new questions about whether the interrogation of the surviving suspect was stopped too soon. the chairman of the house intelligence committee has been told that a judge came to the hospital to read dzhokhar his rights before interrogators were done questioning him. >> that's dangerous and concerning especially when the
of them citing boston pd. others citing federal sources. our own pete williams has taken a break from us to work the phones himself, and is now ready to speak us to in our washington bureau. pete, what do you know and what can we say? >> what we've been told by several source says there is no arrest. then it begins to break down from there, about whether -- let's start at the other end. what do they know? they believe they have video that shows what they were looking for. a person setting down a black nylon bag at the scene of one of the bombings and walking away. now as we go toward the other end of that, we have two conflicting source is on whether, you know, they see that person, they look at the face. do they know who it is or not? someone says yes, they are trying to find him. other sources say no, they are trying to figure out who it is. which is it, i don't know. i will say throughout this, from the beginning of this, this has been the hall mark of this story. that information that is pointing in totally different direction says coming from normally very dependable sources and you
to go back to pete williams who has been doing some great reporting for us this morning. pete, as we consider the public safety issue now present in boston, this isn't just a matter of getting hands on this suspect, but needless to say he's extraordinarily dangerous and we've had reports through the night that during that chase with police, both of these suspects were allegedly hurling explosives at police. >> yes. it is interesting. i can't think of a time when a major community like this was basically under lockdown. even when you have a killer on the loose or someone who escapes from prison or gets out of police custody, an active shooter. to lockdown an entire city is really extraordinary. it tells you the seriousness with which they are taking this. now, we know that they had a good deal of explosives in the car that they carjacked. that suggests that they were carrying quite a few explosives when they just grabbed somebody else's car. they hadn't loaded up a car with explosives first. they had them on their person. perhaps they are acting on the supposition that if the brother
and taken into custody and that the other one perhaps got away. i want to go to pete williams in washington, d.c. pete, what can you tell us about what's happening here this evening? >> el with, i think there's ample reason to think what we're seeing h ining here is connecte boston marathon bombing. number one, we know that the fbi was very interested in this part of massachusetts based on the initial information they had gathered and some of the tips they had received. this is not that coincidence. there was a great deal of interest beyond the mere fact that this suburb is near -- in the same state of massachusetts and not far from boston. so that's the first thing. secondly, we have seen and we're not reporting the names yet. but we have seen the names of the two people that we believe have been arrested there. one of them was a name that the fbi was very interested in tracing down based on a couple of factors, including the fact that the fbi had received a number of tips based on people looking at the pictures saying that one of the suspects looked very much like this person. so it was a
in studio here had just had a report from pete williams, i guess, from nbc. >> pete williams from nbc is reporting that these gentlemen are legal, permanent residents. they have been in the country for at least a year. so they could possibly be from turkey or czechoslavakia or check knee czhenia. >> with the cools in the area they have been there on a student visa or who knows? >> that's very possible. : during the press briefing today, boston fwlooeings commissioner, edward davis says he believes the circulating nurse expect who was killed and probably the other suspect as well is indeed a terrorist and that they were in fact, and i quote, they believe this man to this man to be here to kill people. whether he is part of a terrorist group or not, stand by, wait until this person is captured and we will get more. i knew you follow the scanner. talking to again, ron -- i'm sorry agrella. sorry, ron. editor of there were reports we heard earlier, too, monitoring all of this, that it seemed that there was a lot of police activity focused on one
to bring in pete williams, who's also standing by for us in washington, d.c. and pete, i understand that there was an initial positive test, but there's really no way to know whether it's really ricin until additional testing is done. >> ever since the anthrax mailings, no mail has gone directly to the white house, capitol hill and many other government offices. it's all sent to off site facilities to test it for various things. both facilities gave an initial positive for a poison called ricin. there were subsequent tests, they were conflicting. but you can't really know for sure what it is until it's sent to a lab and cultured and then you look under a mike scope to see what it is. now, we have seen events in the past, craig, ice ricin is made tr castor beans and someone will just take dried beans and grind them up and put them in a letter. now, that will test positive for ricin even though there's no ricin there. i guess it would be like the difference between poppies and opium. they're related, but it's not the same thing. so you won't know whether it's ricin until later today i
brought to your doorstep. >>> to our justice correspondent we go once again. pete williams in our washington bureau. pete, it probably bears repeating at this point while people may be seeing other aspects of security at their local airport train station, no reason to think this is anything beyond the boylston street bombings that we saw in boston. >> reporter: that's right. according to the officials i have talked to tonight, brian. of course they are still trying to figure out precisely what it was that happened in boston. we know that there were two bombs, but they are still saying there might have been others planted along the route of the marathon. packages found on the street were deemed suspicious and were being destroyed tonight. we still have not heard any firm confirmation of whether at least the five other packages actually were explosive devices, although some officials say there is reason to think they were. there is no suspect in custody. but people are very interested in questioning a young person with a student visa who has burns and was seen by witnesses running f
, it appears they have pictures of their suspect. our justice correspondent pete williams has been following the investigation all day. he's in our d.c. newsroom tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. the fbi is pursuing very promising leads. one in particular tonight thanks to the abundance of pictures and videos rounded up in the two days since the bombing. we are getting a close-up look at how the bombs were made. >> guys, guys, guys. no way. >> reporter: the fbi says it is getting exactly what it asked for. pictures from several sources showing someone carrying a heavy backpack or duffel bag and placing it at the spot where one bomb went off. one of the most promising images, they say, comes from a department store surveillance camera high up on a building, able to look down at the crowd. on a day when incorrect news reports of an arrest distracted officials, investigators were working aggressively to discover, find, and interview that person. that's at the scene of the second bombing following the first by about 15 seconds. it's that second spot shown on this pic
and watertown. a helicopter hovering overhead and a report from pete williams. he has been right on this one from the beginning. they do believe they know where suspect number two is holed up here in the watertown. >> not just people but also mass transit through this area. everything shut down. terry mcsweeney, thank you so much. we will be checking with you in just a bit. >>> it is so interesting to see the a.p. news report that we are getting in about that suspect they are looking for, dzhokhar tsarnaev. his father is claiming his son is an angel, a second-year medical student. he called him a very intelligent boy and expected him to come on holidays here. >>> the "associated press" reporting that the suspect at-large was awarded a $2500 scholarship from cambridge, massachusetts, to pursue higher education back in 2011. >> certainly, smart in the classroom. >> learning a lot about the suspect this morning. we also know friday morning, people looking lockleally to th weekend ahead. beautiful morning. >>> the time, 6:09. taking a live look at the bridge. we have a few ripple out there on th
report tonight from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: after studying school safety, in response to december's shooting in connecticut, the group funded by the nra said every school should consider having someone inside with a gun to be able to respond more quickly to an armed intruder. >> if you have the firearm on the presence of someone in the school that can reduce the response time, it will save lives. that is the objective. >> reporter: today's report said local school districts should decide for themselves whether to arm their personnel. and that some may choose not to, especially those that can afford other kinds of security, like metal detectors. the report says it's not teachers who should be armed, but a staff member designated by school administrators, then given 40 to 60 hours of training. but hutchinson, who stressed that his group works independently from the nra, said more gun control is not the answer. >> you can address assault weapons, and it doesn't stop someone bringing in a .45 caliber firearm into the school. >> reporter: endorsing today's reco
by their own extremist beliefs and not any terrorist groups. nbc's pete williams has the latest on this case. >> reporter: as dzhokhar tsarnaev lies under guard at a boston hospital now upgraded to fair condition, federal officials say he's told interrogators he and his older brother came up with the plot on their own because they believed the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan were an attack on islam. officials say he claims the instructions for making a bomb came from al qaeda's online magazine "inspire" which contained a formula that was similar to make the bombs in boston. an employee at a fireworks company says that records show tamerlan tsarnaev bought fireworks at a store in new hampshire in february. >> it's a little disturbing and unsettling that i had any interaction with him. he was an everyday customer, so i dealt with him the way i would any other customer off the street. >> reporter: several online instructions including the one in "inspire" recommended using the contents of fireworks as a bomb component. 5,000 miles away, fbi agents were in the russian province of dagostan to i
justice correspondent pete williams begins our coverage. >> reporter: investigators say they've been told that while the bombing suspects were fleeing from boston in an suv they carjacked last thursday night, they came up with the idea of driving to new york, taking along a half dozen bombs they had with them. >> in the car, they made a decision to go to new york with the remaining explosive devices that they had and to detonate one or more in times square. >> reporter: one of the men, dzhokhar tsarnaev, had visited times square at least once last year. whatever plans they had came to nothing thursday night when police caught up with them in watertown. this photo shows that suv after the shootout with police. now new questions about whether the interrogation of the surviving suspect was stopped too soon. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he's been told that a judge came to the hospital to read dzhokhar tsarnaev his rights before interrogators were done questioning him. >> that's really dangerous and concerning, especially when the fbi will tell you, we weren't quite fi
. >> lester holt in watertown, mississippi. before we go to pete williams, one question for richard engel. by the fact you have been around so many weapons and fire fights over the past ten years of your life. if you have been around any weapons, listening to the audio you can almost tell which ones are the .9mm reports and which one are the versions of the m-4 rifle. since the good guys had had, let's assume, laser sights, night vision, but also these good guys are not used to active connective fire fights. i'm surprised it didn't end with two dead suspects. >> i'm surprised it didn't end right there with that much gunfire. clearly there was a lot going down. you saw that one high velocity round that wednesday through the wall and soon in the reporter's calendar on the wall. how the other brother wasn't hit and wasn't killed in the scene is very remarkable. but if he was going fast and there was lots of cars in the way and it was nighttime, somebody missed him. >> nobody is finding fault. goodness knows it's the fog of war in an suburban environment. as promised to d.c. we go and pete wi
and i and pete williams and i have been theorizing it's likely, knowing how these guys work, they will not use light for the takedown itself. you see an fbi agent getting out of the latest car to arrive. this flash-bang technology, if that explains pops people heard other than gunfire, they are a briefly devastating weapon that can just take hold of your senses and leave the suspect blinded and deafened momentarily while people move in. closed space. i have seen them used outdoors in a courtyard, a wartime backdrop in afghanistan. they are very effective. just told we have another guest. clint van zant, fbi veteran profiler. what can you add, clint? >> well, as you know my background is as a hostage negotiator. having been in similar situations like this working with tactical teams, this is a hand in glove operation. the negotiator is on the scene. he or she will be working hard to extend a hand and allows this individual to come out. with the potential explosive device of something inside the best case scenario would be for the negotiator to get the subject to come over the
" reporting the headline, "pete williams' reporting philosophy d y was g boon sighttory r guest: i would have to say that pete williams is the best i have ever come across, so measured and sofer. is amazing he was able to be showcased the way he was. this was a complicated story. a lot of journalists for getting the facts wrong as it was developing in real time, but pete williams was a constant force who was right 100% of the way. it is a model to all of us, people who were starting to this profession. host: the essence of the story is not jumping ahead of the story. on monday, some news organizations saying that dozens of people were killed. that was not the case, three kil the on-line sleuths pinpointed the wrong individuals before the fbi released those two photographs. guest: it is always important to realize and people get carried away in the heat of the moment, we have to be incredibly careful what we are saying on tv and in the press, that it really matters. imagine how people were trying to be on line sleuths. that seemed to trigger the fbi and authorities to release the phot
now, nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, what do we know about their ability to communicate with him and about the legal steps that they will be taking? >> well, their ability to communicate with him is limited, because of this injury he has, his injuries are pretty serious. ehe's said to be in serious but stable condition. he's on a ventilator. they can't engage in a conversation with him, which is what they had hoped to do. it's something we're told that they do for brief periods because of his condition. it's written questions. it's written answers. nods. that kind of thing. so it's not a very, what you'd call a very robust conversation. >> what about the charges, arraignment charges? what is the legal process going forward? >> well, it's a little hard to tell, andrea, quite candidly. you know, my suspicion is not confirmed, but my suspicion is just reading all of the various signs and tea leaves, is that the charges have probably already been filed under seal. and why that is, i don't know, whether they're you know normally in the government when you, when
if things go well, they could -- in the come days. >> pete williams, is there any problems respect as far as you know to whether this is domestic or foreign. >> not yet. they still haven't identified who did it. many of the materials in the bomb were made in china, but lots of things are made in china, widely available here then the other is looks at these pictures. they have identified several things that stand out to them. but that would be a process of elimination. >> there have been questions to why we talk about the devices. the fbi is putting pictures out, because they want us to let people know what has been used. >> but just to be clear, these pictures were actually not released by the fbi or the government. we've gotten or hands on them, because they were either in intelligence bulletins, or i've never seen this many pictures this early in an investigation. i think the fbi shared them with some of their intelligence partners overseas who leaked them to an overseas news agency who put the pictures out there. but all these pictures, very surprising. >> it is surprising. thanks for
's events. pete williams nbc's justice correspondent is on the line as well. i'm sorry, i said there were two confirmed dead, it's three confirmed dead in the incident now. bill keithing is joining us with and reporters there on scene today. the bottom line is 113 wounded by blasts, at least three people killed. and in boston today, as you know today is the boston marathon, and the boston marathon is held on a state holiday in massachusetts only that's called patriot's day. and that always makes today a different kind of day than the rest of the year. but driving through boston tonight to get here to get to mass general, it's eerie. it's eerie in boston tonight that even with all of the security response that we've got right now, there's just nobody out. and obviously people are doing that and staying at home in order to respect the wishes of law enforcement authorities who are telling people essentially to stay out of the way while the investigation continues. as we get further details on the investigation, boston is left to confront the fact that with everything planned, with everything
correspondent pete williams is standing by. i am just reading information that you put in regarding the components of this bomb and what authorities believe was used to make the explosives. what can you tell me? >> they say they were crudely made. that doesn't mean that they weren't powerful and they were. they were made with gunpowder, bbs and ball bearings packed inside a pressure cooker. let me point to a picture from a homeland security bulletin. we're going to get in real tight on these little pots down here. this is what pressure cookers look like. give it a second to focus and see how much tighter we can get. these are what pressure cookers look like in case you haven't seen them. these are rather inexpensive pressure cookers. in case you've not ever dealt with one. a pot with a cover on it that you can make basically air tight and food cooks faster. and then for at least a decade, they've been used to make bombs around the world. so inside is the explosive and the authorities believe it is gunpowder or smokeless powder. all these parts are commonly available. so someone coul
-gritty of the investigation. michael, there's been two reports this morning in the last half hour, pete williams saying that the authorities believe they know where dzhokhar tsarnaev is, the suspect in the white hat is. and concerns about a third relative, which explains the larger drag net, if you will, and why the entire greater boston area was asked to shelter in place. >> it could explain that, chuck, because there's a contradiction there. if they know where he is, why would they shut down the entire city of boston, which they did like less than an hour ago when governor patrick came out here. there's still a lot of unanswered questions here, but, first, i want to point out, chuck. we're right across at the watertown mall right across the street is the main staging area that you were referring to before. and earlier this morning and we've been here for hours now, we saw convoys of military humvees, buses filled with police, motorcycles, state police officers and all congregating in that staging area in the parking lot right behind us. there's a marshal's department store there. it looked to me at f
, there were 100,000 users on it at the same time last night. pete williams justice correspondent in washington, has been also seeking for information on what it is that we may be watching here, pete? >> well, in an event like this, brian, sometimes it takes a time for the reports to get here to headquarters. what we have been told is, that the word is, shots fired. that was the first information that came back here and the second was, body found in a boat. now, i heard that you were told that this location is right here the water. so, it's not clear to me whether the boat is in the water or the boat is in somebody's garage or somebody's backyard being stored. and in any event, i think the telling word is body. body found in a boat. and they as you know have sent in the swat teams and the bomb teams, i assume as a precaution, just to make sure that the situation is over. but we don't have are an identity on the body. we don't know who it is. or whether the body is the result of the shooting. that would seem to be the logical conclusion. >> pete, right where they are in watertown, the charles ri
us massachusetts governor deval patrick, nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers of michigan, former homeland security secretary michael chertoff, former director of the national counterterrorism center michael leiter. then, how the marathon bombings changed things after such painful loss. >> we have to look at the death of our -- she was a wonderful person, and -- everybody -- everybody that knew her loved her. >> there were powerful signs of resilience. alongside a renewed sense of vulnerability as a manhunt virtually shut down a major american city. we hear from assistant senate majority leader dick durbin of illinois, and our special roundtable. >>> and good sunday morning. what a week it has been. developments are still moving very quickly in the boston terror story. we want to go for the very latest this morning to the governor of massachusetts, deval patrick, who is with us this morning from boston. governor, it's good to see you, and congratulations on the end of a very difficult week. >> well, i accept your
followed as well. mike barnicle, it was pete williams who went against every instinct in this 24/7 news culture where people seem far more interested in getting it first than getting it right. it was pete williams who kept saying that information is incorrect. and he acted like a news reporter is supposed to act. he actually waited until he got the information and passed it on to everyone else. not an especially good day for journalism yesterday with news outlets messing up on an issue this important to the american people because they are just interested in speed instead of accuracy. >> yeah. i know. it wasn't a good day, joe, for this business. the pressures, of course, are enormous today. the pressures to get things first is e nermnormous, we know. it's now a first, let's get it first! look. we all make mistakes in this business, in every business. i probably lead the league in mistakes in terms of getting things into newspapers and what have you. but the larger issue here is what is going on in the back bay about six blocks from where we sit now out in front of the holy cross cathed
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dzhokhar tsarnaev. pete william is nbc's chief justice correspondent. pete, we have charges. >> we do. couple things about the charges. both of the two counts filed against dzhokhar tsarnaev could bring the death penalty. they're capital cases. and interestingly as you well know the commonwealth of massachusetts does not have the death penalty. if anybody is going to seek the death penalty in this case, it would be the federal charge. we're a long way from there. the attorney general has to decide that. i think he would be the youngest person against whom the government would do that if it did. but it could if it wanted to. in terms of what the evidence shows, according to the fbi, it's partly the photographic evidence and partly the forensic evidence. as for the photographs, they give a long discussion of what they say is a key piece of the evidence from the second bombing scene. and this is taken from the restaurant right in front of where the bomb was placed. and according to this video, you see dzhokhar tsarnaev come into the frame. he's wearing a backpack. he works his way into t
it into a makeshift memorial. >>> and more detailsy dzhokhar tsarnaev. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is on the case with the latest in the investigation. pete, what are we learning now? what are the ratest, first of all, from dzhokhar tsarnaev, and do they believe he and his brother were lone wolfs? >> you may recall that the charges against him were actually filed under seal on sunday, he had his initial appearance in the hospital on monday, and as far as we know, they haven't attempted to re-interview him since then. he's getting with his lawyers, trying to figure out how to proceed. in essence his's confessed already. he's told authorities that he and his brother did it, he's given a reason why, their opposition to the wars in iraq and afghanistan, which think thought were attacks on islam. and he said they were not inspired by foreign countries or foreign interests that they came up with this plot on their own, and that's largely what he said. there are other little details. so i think it will be a while yet before they're able to talk to him any more. >> we're hearing there was
the suspects were apprehended. >> yeah. there is been some conflicts in this. nbc's pete williams confirmed that at least one of them was spotted and is believed to be a pressure cooker-type bomb, a pressure cooker from your standard kitchen filled with some sort of powder and perhaps projectiles. at other times, they were described as having something like grenades or improvised explosives. i've seen some reports in the last few minutes that there are believed to be undetonated explosive devices in the watertown area. that's why they're trying to get people as far away as possible. >> chris, thank you very much. we'll have more from nbc news's chris palone in the program. a quick check off markets for you. global markets are taking these event necessary stride. we know very little still about the motives, about these suspects, beyond the fact that one has been skilled and the other is on the run and authorities are trying, of course, to resolve this situation there. we'll be right back. stay with us here on "worldwide exchange." >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." a manhunt is under way f
me now, nbc news justin correspondent pete williams and michael leiter. pete, ha have you learn about the bombs themselves? >> well, what we're told by authorities, andrea, is that they're crudely made. they appear to have been assembled inside a pressure cooker. it may be some of our younger viewers don't know what that is, but in the olden days when you wanted to make something tender, you put it in this pot with a tight lid on it. and the steam wouldn't escape and you could build up pressure and things cook faster in them. the premicrowave days. inside a pot like this, a pressure cooker is assembled the device. it includes a low-power explosive. something like black or smokeless powder, gun powder, if you will. not a high explosive like dynamite or a plastic explosive or the common tatp, which seems to be the one of voice of terrorists when they build bombs, terror bombs overseas. so it's crudely made, it's set off they believe by some kind of electronic timer. it's carried to the scene, they believe, in some kind of back pack and then just set down before the devices go off. unfor
, as pete williams and myself have been reporting all day, there is no suspect. there is no arrest. there is no specific name. now, we've been told that there have been several names out there that obviously they would want to run them down but we've been told that it's ruled out. the investigation is ongoing, moving forward. the piece of tape is one of many critical pieces that they are using to try to track suspects but right now no arrests. >> tell me how that's done. you're being looking at a piece of video, you enlarge it, try to improve its fidelity, its picture? what do you do? you look at the wanted posters? how do you identify -- do you look through mug shots? how do you find that person? >> the technology has improved tremendously in terms of facial recognition technology and they are using that matching images on video at the scene to any faces that might be in databases and running that to see if there's any sort of match. another way is, okay, here's an image that we've got. let's go back to others who we know that were at the scene and who were at businesses nearby an
that this is not the case. savannah? >> pete williams our justice correspondent. we know you will continue to monitor it. that is a piece of new information that there was another bomb found the charles gate section of boston this morning, but that it was safe ly detonated by authorities and of course we will continue to work to determine what connection it bears and whether this does mean there are potentially accomplices here. as pete reported authorities are concerned about that. the town of boston and community of boston, more than a million people when you count the suburban communities are under lockdown this morning. they have been told by authorities, including this massachusetts governor who came out this morning and addressed the news media to give a message to the community, do not leave your house. public schools are closed in boston. the transit is closed in boston. there's a no-fly zone in effect over the boston metropolitan area. only law enforcement, of course, is able to take to the skies in that area. we have what can only be described as an extraordinary situation in a major american
was intercepted and initially tested positive for the poison, ricen. pete williams will join us with the latest on this story. but first, while we may not know anything about who attacked the boston marathon yesterday or why, just over 24 hours after the explosion, there is a lot of new information tonight about the devices used in the attack. about to exekt from the investigati investigation. there were two explosive devices which exploded yesterday. no more along the route or city of boston. the devices appear to have consists of explosive and shrapnel put into pressure cookers. they have recovered black nylon bags at the sights of both devices. they are believed to have been used to transport the devices to the scene. what happens next is that every single fragment of bomb material recovered from those sites will be sent to an fbi land in quantico, virginia, where they can be analyzed by the fbi and atf experts and even checked for dna. investigators have launched a major push to seek information from the public, including tips on suspicious behavior and photo and video taken around the race
policeman in cambridge and they were the boston marathon bombers. >> pete williams, nbc news justice correspondent, thank you very much. we're going to bring in now senior executive producer for nbc's investigative unit, richard esposito. a fluid and changing situation. it sounds as if dzhokah tsarnaev may be holed up in a house. how do investigators handle this at this point? his uncle was out in public making a statement saying his father told abc news that he thought his son should surrender. what are the negotiations like in this situation? >> as pete said, it had been fluid and fast-moving and now it's slowed down. and slowing it down is what you do when you're going to negotiate with somebody. they'll try to find pressure points, they'll talk to his relatives, find his associates. they'll look to see what is it that we can use as leverage to get him to surrender. to not blow himself up. to not blow the house up. to not use police as a means of suicide. so they'll look for all of those methods of reaching him. and trying to bring him out alive. whatever, whatever it is that they
things, please pass along information to us. bill bratton in our london bureau tonight. pete williams, our justice correspondent, continues to make calls and report this story out from our washington bureau. pete, what do you have? >> reporter: well, i was struck by what the police commissioner said about urging people to stay home. the fact that there seemed to be at least as far as his information goes two separate incidents and two separate places in boston. one at the scene of the marathon, the other at the jfk library. and we also have seen a number of local communities raise their sort of alert level, putting more people on the street. and i'm assured, though, by a couple of federal officials that i've talked to that they're not -- this is not happening because of some additional information that something else is going on that we don't know about. that these -- that the department of homeland security, for example, an official there tells me it has not put out any kind of an advisory urging local communities to be on a higher level of alert. that what we're seeing around town o
bratton in our london bureau tonight. pete williams, our justice correspondent, continues to make calls and report this story out from our washington bureau. pete, what do you have? >> well, i was struck by what the police commissioner said about urging people to stay home. the fact that there seemed to be, at least as far as his information goes, two separate incidents in two separate places in boston -- one at the scene of the marathon, the other at the jfk library. and we also have seen a number of local communities raise their sort of alert level, putting more people on the street. and i am assured, though, by a couple of federal officials i've talked to, that this is not happening because of some additional information that something else is going on that we don't know about. that these -- the department of homeland security, for example, an official there tells me that it has not put out any kind of advisory urging local communities to be on a higher level of alert. that what we're seeing around town, or around the country, here in washington around town and around the country new
's a question, can we get him caught there and talk. >> let's go to pete williams in washington. >> body found in a boat and, as you know, they have sent in the s.w.a.t. teams and the bomb teams i assume as a precaution to make sure that the situation is indeed over but we don't have an identity on the body. we don't know who it is. we don't know whether the body is a result of the shooting. that would seem to be the logical conclusion, though. >> yeah, pete. right where they are in watertown, the charles river takes a kind of dramatic dip to the south. it does widen there but to your point, you're absolutely right. a lot of people have boats on trailers in their yards, not quite the season for that yet. and then again, there's always a lot of activity on the charles river, the scale of this map is too broad to zoom in with any specificity. >> the other thing that stands out to me and i'm sure to you, just looking at the pictures here, they certainly contrast with the pictures that we've seen earlier today, for example outside the house, where everyone was in a tactical position for a long tim
'm sorry, let me interrupt you for one moment. pete williams is reporting there is a foyer sapphiris a is fire . there is a fire in a boat in the backyard of a home in cambridge. you see there on the screen. that is the boat. that boat where suspect number two in the boston marathon bombings is believed to be pinned down and trapped at the moment. dzhokar tsarnaev. he and his brother, it appears, we believe, a shootout with the police in the wee hours of the morning. and last night. that resulted in the death of his older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. dzhokar appears to be in the boat in the back of that house. now that boat is on fire. there is tremendous amount of police presence. that convergent intensified in just the last hour in the wake of a police press conference lifting the request for people to stay inside and just a little bit after that, a rush of police into the area and an explosion of gunfire. joining us on the phone is rebecca kraeger. he backyard looks into the yard where everything is happening. rebecca with, can you tell me what you're seeing? >> right n
expect to have someone identified as a suspect as the officials come in the room. pete williams watching with us in our washington bureau. that is the word we're using. this is more than of a person of interest, this will be a suspect? >> yes, and we're told what's behind those black poster boards hiding the thing on the easel is not only still pictures, which we'll see of the two men which the fbi is most eager to find. but they're not going to use the usual language of eager to aid in their inquiries, they're going to call them suspects. and i'm told their faces will appear on wanted posters. >> it's been a 24 hours of fits and starts. and false reports on people who have been pursued in this investigation, including folks who have been identified through photography. but this will be the word from the fbi. >>> good afternoon, i am the special agent in charge of the fbi's boston division. since monday's bombings, the fbi and our law enforcement partners have been working around the clock and are fully committed to investigating the matter to bring those responsible to justice. our coll
is there any sort of booby-trap or bomb. >> kerry sanders in watertown. let's go to pete williams in washington. pete, you got anything? >> we are told that there is a fire now in the boat. don't know how big it is. could be the combination of incendiary devices and fuel in the boat or it could be the person in the boat set the fire himself. there is a fire on the boat. we don't know how big it is. >> well, that makes things confusing and interesting. we have seen no flurry of activity at the street level. depending on what kind of fire it is they have equipment on the s.w.a.t. trucks that are assembled. i saw a picture on a boston station that lays out the scene of just an entire line of s.w.a.t. team members taking a knee in front of the house. a lot of the vehicles are parked at the house itself. we keep looking at the cambridge bomb squad. they are parked well out of the perimeter. when it was clear they weren't needed at the scene. resetting, 8:13 p.m. just joining us, we have had two incidents of gunfire tonight. 30 minutes after the folks in watertown, mass. after a take cover order all
. our justice correspondent pete williams has been working this story all day. pete, what can you tell us tonight? >> tonight authorities confirm that there were two bombs. we know that much. but it's unclear how many others were planted. they say there were other suspicious packages. and the word, of course, of another bomb elsewhere placed at the jfk library is apparently turning out not to be true. at least five other packages have been found on the street, have been deemed suspicious and are being destroyed. but there is no firm confirmation of whether they were actually explosive devices although some officials tonight say there is reason to think that some of them were. we are told, by the way, that one of the two victims killed in the explosion was 8 years old. boston police say there was no specific intelligence warning of any kind of attack. federal officials tonight say there is no reason to think that this is part of any larger threat. at this point they believe it is confined to boston. but a meeting tonight will decide whether any kind of national alert will be sent out. t
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